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The Spider
CB (29/06/1994 / Aylesbury uk)

The Spider

i found my self in a trance today
just staring at the wall
i found my self amazed today
as i was watching something small.

today wasnt the most usual day
my views changed once and for all
today was the most peculiar day
as i was watching something small

it was high above me in the sky
a heck of a way to fall
my eyes followed its every move
the move of something small

the web, it span so effectivly
i never saw it stall
the web it span so joyfully
as i was watching something small

then it landed on my arm
i shot to my feet with some alarm
my mother told me to be calm
after all it was only something small

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the spider is an amazing creature indeed.its one of mother natures wonders.well penned poem here Chris.