The Spider Holds A Silver Ball

The spider holds a Silver Ball
In unperceived Hands--
And dancing softly to Himself
His Yarn of Pearl--unwinds--

He plies from Nought to Nought--
In unsubstantial Trade--
Supplants our Tapestries with His--
In half the period--

An Hour to rear supreme
His Continents of Light--
Then dangle from the Housewife's Broom--
His Boundaries--forgot--

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (3)

What an amazing observation and conception for a poem on this little creature...superb- 10+++++++++++
.....spiders are amazing creatures ★ though I prefer to stay away from a spider's web
the spider web, one of natures wonders, the webs strength down to scale is scientifically impossible.well written poem here