A Broken Soul

You were broken yesterday
The pain this world is inflicting
The tears you should have shed
The sorrows you should have uttered
This world is cruel my child
It is OK to cry - let those tears fall

Loosen those pains buried within your heart
This world cares little for our plights
Don't smile when you're suppose to cry
Mourn when it's necessary, never fake happiness
It is OK to be sad, open that closet
Take off the bitterness of yesterday

Open your mouth
Break the silence of bitterness
Let off those griefs and unspoken regrets
You cannot walk with chains on your legs
The past is holding you down
Break those chains
Let off those grudges
Vengeance doesn't heal

You're not broken my child
You're just in repair mode
This is the way of life
Cry when you're in sorrow
Smile when you're happy
It shows you're alive
Pick up the pieces and walk on
Swim up the stream
There is an Island of happiness

This world is so cruel
Fight your way through
It may break you down
Hold yourself still
Stab your heart
Tear your innocent soul
But keep on walking
Regardless of the tortures
They have been here long

We've suffered
Time sold us to sorrow
Pain held our hearts
Tied it to the incessant plights of yesterday
Please, my child
Don't stay down
Get up now
Claim what's yours

by Lundi Ncuthu

Comments (4)

this is really wonderful poem to learn web of wisdom as spider weaves to web, yet a marvel!
This was a very inspiring poem LOL XD -Chloe's BFF Symone
This was a great poem but why did it have to be about a spider? You could have made it about anything but why a spider? This was a great poem indeed I love your selection of insects. The spider is a source of fear for many including me. I think it was very informational and very descriptive. It was very good.
the spider, the ultimate source of fear for many, to me just one of natures wonders.nicely written piece this one