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I Have Found My Guru
(23 September 1783 – 13 April 1824 / Colchester, England)

I Have Found My Guru

I have found a guru in Raidas, he has

given me the pill of knowledge.

I lost the honor of the royal family, I

went astray with the sadhus.

I constantly rise up, go to God’s

temple, and dance, snapping my


I don’t follow the norms as an oldest

daughter-in-law, I have thrown

away the veil.

I have taken refuge with the great

guru, and snapped my fingers at

the consequences.

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What is the theme of this story
I love y’all
this is really wonderful poem to learn web of wisdom as spider weaves to web, yet a marvel!
This was a very inspiring poem LOL XD -Chloe's BFF Symone
This was a great poem but why did it have to be about a spider? You could have made it about anything but why a spider? This was a great poem indeed I love your selection of insects. The spider is a source of fear for many including me. I think it was very informational and very descriptive. It was very good.
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