The Spiller Of Truth

I'm here just sitting and gripping my pencil
Trying to come up with something suspenseful
While gathering thoughts and half of my utensils
And not to even mention how life doesn't
Give us an inch and lately I've been on the
Fences & on the defensive no doubt it's getting
Expensive When will Richie come to his senses
Maybe until someone just shut up and listens
Until then You can catch me dreaming and
Screaming I'm just a passer by
On the Edges of Life (I'm Richie Hi! ! ! !)

Just waiting to blow up but lately
I've been trying to voice my opinions through
Saliva and throat cuts because of people
Keeping their minds shut (oh Richie you're nuts)
I'm dealing with parents who treats people like
Mutts kicking you down until you're spilling all
Guts and asks you what's with all the Fuss
So in the end who do I trust
In Life we're taught to do what we must
They said' become a politician and aim for
'Tax Cuts ' Just because all my Credit
Cards they've literally Maxed up I struggle in
Life just like you so why am I constantly
Passed Up never knew I would literally
Crash up through all this pain that I tend to
Rack up (I'm just here backing all facts up)


by Laquory Jones

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