The Spirit

By the roadside I found a bottle with a Jinni inside,
picked up the bottle took it home, next day the Jinni
knocked and said: “let me out, I’ve been eating beans
and need fresh air.” Looked ill he did, face green and
sweaty, so I uncorked the bottle, only slightly to let
bad air out, but the stink was so awful that I fell back
and lost the cork. Jinni was out and laughing.

“I’ll grant you three wishes” he said, I know you’re
short of money.” “No, I don’t want your wishes, they
only come true, and then what do I do? ” Instantly
knew I had said the right thing, without human greed
the Jinni can’t function, defeated it slinked back into
the bottle, but I’m not a teacher, put the bottle, near
a bus-stop, for someone else find it and learn a lesson

by jan oskar hansen

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