The Spirit Or The Flesh

Friend are you filled with the Spirit or are you living in the flesh?
For one life leads to Eternal Life and the other to Eternal Death.
Friend God is not mocked and whatever a man sows he will reap,
And this present life will soon end but God offers life you can keep.

If you live to please the Spirit you shall reap Eternal Life friend,
If you live to please the flesh eternal destruction will be your end.
However, walk in the Spirit you won't fulfill the lust of the flesh,
This leads to Eternal Life and you won't be hurt by the second death.

The flesh is the sinful nature that ruled before you truly believed,
It is propagated by Satan who had you blinded and totally deceived.
The Spirit filled life is the goal for all who have truly believed.
Then your life's direction changes lead by the Spirit you received.

It was the sinful nature that darkened the old path you used to trod,
And everyone who lives like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.
But the fruit of the Spirit, for the Church creates a holy oneness,
This life leads to Heaven through Christ's blood and Righteousness.

God does not speak above you my friend but is quite frank and level,
And He says that if you continue in sin you're a child of the devil.
But when we walk in the Spirit of Truth filled with His joy and Love,
It's God's mark that we are children of God, truly born from above.

Copyright ©11/2003

by Bob Gotti

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