The Spiritual Glow

It's life's fault that I'm laying here in such a terrible mess
sodden with vomit, from the wine, beer, and meth's.
"Hey, I'm sorry, but I can't remember insulting your wife.
There's no need to hit a man who has troubles with his life.

Stop! Please, I've had enough don't thump and kick me any more,
my head and face is pouring blood, and a rib is broken for sure.
You have broken my nose and my eyes are swollen shut,
and I vomit every time you kick me in the gut.

I know being drunk is no excuse for swearing and being rude,
but it's the booze to blame for my mouth and attitude.
I agree with you that I'm a useless loser and waste of time,
and I spend any money I have on beer, meth's, and wine.

I'm sorry! Please stop! Don't hurt me anymore.
I can't take much more of this, every part of me is sore.
I think you broke my ankle when you stamped on my foot,
I need urgent medical help, I need someone to take a look.

Listen mister, I don't expect any sympathy from you or anyone,
just because I'm laying here knowing my days are almost done.
The medication I take is of no use and the only painkiller I know
is from the spirits that I drink and they give me a ‘Spiritual Glow'.

So please if you are going to thump and kick me again,
kick me really hard around my head and brain.
Then at least you'll do me a big favour by setting my life free,
and you will go to prison for causing the death of me."

by Orlando Belo

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