The Squandered Life

An angel came out of a split atom as the trumpet sounded
A grand throne came down from Heaven for him to be mounted;
Air was sucked out of me; my senses lost contact with me
My eyes closed and like lightening, light was taken off me;
Breath left my lungs and flew like a wingless bird
Wreaths were placed by my kith and kin without any word;
I felt it queer and they began to swear affirming faith in God,
Leaving my mortal remains within the coffined grave like sod;
An eternal chill engulfed me; it was cold; it was dark;
I saw them mourning first but forgetting next as if I were a dry bark;
He was good, one said; God takes away the good to be with Him,
He could’ve lived long, had he not longed for the wrong one to be with him;
She ditched him when he required her love, a detestable bitch
Another one sketched out tales of her in a tone raised in pitch.
On flowers without bees and showers without water I lay there
Unseen by them all, but seeing them without eyes; I lay there.
Unheard ditties of requiem reminded me of a life squandered
As centuries elapsed like seconds life there moved on unhindered.

by Swamidhason Francis

Comments (3)

very well said, Swami. Loved reading this poem.
Only when we are at the death bed we realise we have squandered life.A good one.Thanks for sharing
A well articulated piece of poetry nicely penned with good rhyme scheme. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.