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The Stalking Moon

do you hear that pulling noise
when the silent moon makes its pursuit
so ghostly eerie it flutters
jolting the quiet things of the night

sudden sprang from the trees
branches shaking, shushing leaves
birds shoot away into night’s shadow
it even startles the waters
that play dead though spying
on us, ever sneakingly

can’t trust the moon
can’t trust the coy oceans
the winged allies quickly fled
nothing is calm spirited
not even the gentle freezing breeze
biting on the surface amidst my skin

the next moment sensed arrives spooky
now this spirit of mine feels loose
maybe I’m being penetrated by anxieties
or maybe the stalking moon
following, peeking through the trees
would stop and shut up please!

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This poem has such wonderful imagery! Keep up the good work!