(March 28,1987 / )

The Stallion’s Gift (Part I)

The hills are dark around me
No moon shines its light
A flash of movement to my left
A sound that’s lost to the night

The wind blows upon the grass
The stars fill the ebony sky
I hear a pounding of hooves
I feel a rush of air pass me by

The howl of a wolf in the distance
The sound of horses out of sight
I hear the fierce stallions cry
As he leads the herd in the night

The mountains are at the horizon
Where soon the sun will shine
My eyes search for the stallion
Then he’s there staring into mine

The wind is suddenly still
As still as this very night
I stare into the stallion’s eyes
And see a spark of divine light

The hills are gray around me
The dawn’s light begins to show
In that second, the stallion is gone
Leaving a spark that begins to glow

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Amazing, Wow! the atmosphere and beauty, nature caught in a moments grace! Wonderful words from you Ivy, a real triumph! ! ! Love Duncan X