The Stand

I walked along nonchalantly
At slow and even pace
The road was long and pleasant
The sun upon my face.
When suddenly I felt a breeze
Come in the evening air
I looked up then I stopped and gasped
As I saw a vision fair
A sandy beach stretched far out to the sea
I stood and stared, how could this be
With hurried steps besides the long sea wall
To set my gaze upon the mountains tall
Then to the tower, with a history so old
To guard this beach
From those who would be bold
And come invading in their greed
But the tower staunch and firm
Would serve the peoples need.
I sat there for a while
Just looking out to sea
Pondering on the tales it held
Of the stand that used to be.

by Betty Puddefoot

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My mother Jean Bullimore was a close friend of Betty and Arthur Puddefoot when they lived in Pinner in the 1950's. If any family members are reading this please get in touch.