('90 / America)

The Star Pilot

I know a man who has a ship
That sails among the stars.
He once took me for a ride
To circle planet Mars.

His ship is made of weathered wood
With sails of spider thread.
Her name is 'Spherie, ' a good old ship
With flags of bloody red.

We went sailing by cosmic wind
Through inky starry seas.
I shook hands with Perseus
And bowed to Pleiades.

Virgo took me for a dance
Along the Milky Way,
And Taurus gave a snort as I
Laughed at the Kids' play.

The Herdsman waved genially
And I waved gaily too.
The Hunter blew a strong salute
By the light of Betelgeuse blue.

And so I sailed a magic sea
With the starry populace.
I wish I could forever stay
In that enchanted place.

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This is my favorite one by you so far! (then again, I have only read around 10... sorry!) Wonderful imagery.