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The Stare
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The Stare

Poem By Pratip Sen Gupta

She sat on the single step
By the door and leaned against the wall
She sat before the stars had died
She sat long after the moon was up
She stared infinitely
Down the road
With an infinite glance

In winter she wore a blanket
Around her frail frame
Hiding all but her eyes
That stared down the road

In summer her hair fell
In cascades down her shoulders
Beyond her hips

She wore silent anklets
And her glass bangles never tinkled

She watched the rain fall in torrents
Sending rivulets of water about her feet
She watched the sun scorch the grass
Until the last blade was brown

No smile ever touched her lip or eye
Not frown ever creased her brow
She stared without curiosity
Without remorse
Without sadness or longing

She stared without waiting
Without wanting
She stared whether or not
The gate was open or closed

Perhaps she had already found
The stillness that we seek in Life
And find only in Death

Perhaps she knew the answer
That there are no answers
And that memories have no past
No future

She stared

15 October 2007

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Nicely written, quite a mood of loneliness pervades. Thanks.