AK (26 July 1985 / Mumbai)

Warm Ever

A-s you wake from slumber,
N-ew dawn leaves the night;
G-ray clouds don't gather,
E-arly morn meets the

D-ark shadows have faded,
E-vening chill is over,
L-et sunny Sunday sky
A-im to make it better.

T-wenty-ninth of January
O-pens a fine weather;
R-aindrops have vanished,
R-ays above are warm

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Comments (2)

this poem is really good...the rhyme and flow very good...the questions asked and the theme are good too...you have talent and a good control over english...good going...love...nalini
ur a great poet c ur poems r just wut every-1 needs people need 2 stop acting fake and realize the pain and saddness in the world cause trust me it aint filled wit shinny hearts and happy pplz