(10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

The Stars Are Calling Us; Let's Go Answer Their Call With Love

The day our bodies align
In the most epic of solar system design
Mercury and Venus divine
Amongst the artistry of true sublime
Is the moment we claim our own sunshine

The trials of life has harmed us plenty
In space no one can ever hurt us again
Safety in mind, body and spirit
As we are more radiant than ever
Shining from the sun's quintessence
Into the heart and soul of our own celestial allegiance

Our legacy awaits us
In a never-ending quest upon a peaceful awakening
Resting harmoniously amongst the sweet music of our abode
A spaceship playing sounds of love wherever we may go
Traveling amongst the stars almighty
Unlocking the mysteries far and wide
Subsiding our past in a black hole mass
Celebrating the true meaning of our very enduring lives
Such epic moments ahead with limits never existing again

On and on we go
Wherever our hearts take us to
Mercury and Venus will finally find another system
One we have created on our very own

The further stars cry out our names
Let us find the sun of suns
The warmth that will make us feel young again

The day our bodies align
Is the day earth will see what they were missing all along

New trials are set in motion
We will be so far away
No one will ever hurt us again

We will finally find our true calling
No one will ever hurt us again!

The stars are calling us,
Let us answer their call with love

We will truly find ourselves in true form; my heart's prophecy says it is truly so

Are you ready?
Let's go!

by James Darwin Smith II

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