The Stars, Her Eyes And Love

Inert, staring at the skies, musing.
Wishing your body was leaning on mine
Pining to tell you how brightly my love shines
Longing to say this time after time.

The stars are reveling tonight
Ever glowing in their bright lights
Yet their blush and glare is not as bright
As the splendor of your eyes
And not as sumptuous as my love for you.

My eyes are yearning to look into your eyes
To revel in its brilliance and richness
To see fantasies from its immensity
To be lost in its grandeur and magnificence
And show you one more time how brightly my love shines.

by Ayotunde Bolaji

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A nice and well articulated romantic poem written from a heart filled with bliss of love. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.