ACA (14 August 1991 / Birmingham)

The Stars Remind Me Of How Close We Are

time is never enough to get past these walls
i stand against and hold my breath hoping that they'll fall
they keep building and the harder i fight
the more they build the higher i climb

everything i ever wanted is on the other side
and i'm hoping i can sing my way over tonight

the heavens and the stars remind
me of how close we are and i
now know how big these mountains are
open sky; breathe this air; open your eyes, we're almost there
i know now how it feels to fly

everybody looks at you for answers
when you don't even know if you've got it right
you didn't even know what you wanted
until tonight until tonight

when you're almost to the top and you fall back down
get back up and feel the sound
the rushing wind of a battle
you've got it now

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