The Stars

The Stars

These stars have hardly moved a hair
Since our walk along the shore,
The time, above the ocean's roar,
Upon an eternity of sand, you swore
With me, you would be everywhere
The stars shone.

There is no ocean here, the stars
Ornament the winter trees
Like pearls cast from angry seas.
Could it be that these
Are paste displacing diamonds that are
Where you've gone?

The hour when day begins to bloom
And stardust promises disappear.
Morning, like a kiss, is now a smear
Across a starlost sky that held you near
As if it knew I was the one for whom
The stars shone.

by David Rood

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I clicked on this poem for it's simple title, my intuition was right, what it contained is something far greater than's quite profound really, as love poetry goes. Displays an ache, an honesty and the overall burden and pleasure of love...well done