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The Startled Sun
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The Startled Sun

Poem By Hazel Durham

Lost child of the sea breezes,
Of wild, lonely places,
Sea and sky a roof over her many different faces,
About a performance of an amazing adventure,
In her own vast world of pretend,
That her soft heart will be able to endure.
She is always out of step, just a story to help mend,
Her shyness, fears and deep emotions,
Like the mighty ocean always in motion,
Horses were more than a notion,
Such beauty of untamed spirit,
Her dreams were spun with galloping paces,
As she tried on her many different faces,
Her imagination was a brilliant spotlight,
Like stars colliding with the moon,
Moondust scattering over all the earth,
Making invisible children lost in a sea mist,
Become visible,
In a world that only picked out the pretty ones,
To praise with words that strike a bell,
Her loving parents gave her self worth,
But memories are shadows flickering that made her feel unwell,
To just being one of the many invisible children,
With so much passion, insight and fun,
Then they all make an impression under the startled sun.
With her talent visible now,
To the loving stars and moon they shout out 'Wow'
Never a moment lost,
Just a child singing her own tune like taking a holy vow!

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Comments (12)

Hazel as always beautifully written and a joy to read
Beautiful poem, emotional content profoundly sad but also inspiring.
Excellent Hazel had a feeling as though I followed your footsteps. My Mum has just died and my walk was so similar yet I smiled through each moment because I could always see others needs.. Heartfelt write. Thank you x
A compelling and creative composition my friend!
Lost child of the sea breezes, Of wild, lonely places. Very much wonderful presentation. From first stanza to last stanza all attract attention with deep essence. Nicely penned.
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