The Startled Sun

Lost child of the sea breezes,
Of wild, lonely places,
Sea and sky a roof over her many different faces,
About a performance of an amazing adventure,

by Hazel Durham Click to read full poem

Comments (12)

Hazel as always beautifully written and a joy to read
Beautiful poem, emotional content profoundly sad but also inspiring.
Excellent Hazel had a feeling as though I followed your footsteps. My Mum has just died and my walk was so similar yet I smiled through each moment because I could always see others needs.. Heartfelt write. Thank you x
A compelling and creative composition my friend!
Lost child of the sea breezes, Of wild, lonely places. Very much wonderful presentation. From first stanza to last stanza all attract attention with deep essence. Nicely penned.
A great poem hazel. Prior to this comment six others have commented most favourably on this poem and only one rating, has to be something radically wrong with the points system here. (10)
A great piece of work this is, well considered and hen written! Well done, Hazel!
Great poem, would love to see some breaks in between. The last few lines gave a fun sense of youth.
To me it seems the story of a self made child who could not inherit much from her parents but she at least inherited self worth. After a lot of difficulties this self worth provided her with opportunities and she successfully demonstrated her talents and rose to a position.
A well constructed poem on a good concept of a child who inspires others with her talent despite being saddened by past memories and seen always happy in her own way......nicely composed with inspiring words
In a world that only picked out the pretty ones, To praise with words that strike a bell, Her loving parents gave her self worth, But memories are shadows flickering that made her feel unwell, A child who got enough support from her parents but plagued by some sad memories that make her unwell! Still she is able to leave a stamp on others with her talent and is happy in her own way! Who is that child I wonder! I don't know if my reading of the poem is correct! The poem abounds in very suggestive images!
Lost child of he sea breezes of wild lonely places but never a moment lost just as a child singing her own. Very beautiful poem shared on the desk and nice job done.