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The Status Of The Sourashtrian Community!
(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

The Status Of The Sourashtrian Community!

Poem By Ramesh T A

'We salute to agricultural and industrial entrepreneurs;
But we scold those who eat and enjoy pleasure uselessly! '
This is the motto of a community that has migrated
From the North-West to the South of Indian nation!

Spinning and weaving thin silk like cotton cloth long....
They had been living in the Sourashtra province of India!
Often disturbed by the Mohammedan invasion from West,
They decided to move to a peaceful place to do their business!

They first moved to the North, the Centre and the South of
India, the land of beauty and greatness that conquered invaders
By its high culture in the world since thousands of years ago,
In search of suitable place to settle and do their traditional job!

Wherever they went, they earned the encomiums of all royalties
And were welcomed to many royal families to make dresses
Only they could make to the enjoyment of royal people in places
Down the South of the nation and settled for many centuries now!

Not knowing the script of the Sourashtra language they cannot
Read and write in that language being spoken only at home
For many centuries, they now try to rectify the long mistake
To have their identity and pride as Sourashtrians everywhere!

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Nice history about Sourashtrian community. I have lot of Saurashtra Dr friends in Madurai. I have read your many poems, These are nice and practical.