The Status Quo

What is the purpose, and the reason why,
We are all here, underneath God's sky?
That's something none of us will ever know,
Maybe only the day, on which we go.

Why all the sorrow, suffering, and such,
Modern man lacks the Lords divine touch.
The best thing to be these days is a preacher,
They never get poorer, just richer, and richer.

Why all the evil, the wars, and the strife?
There must be something better, for man in this life.
But until we know, we must all bide our time,
Till we know the answer to God's perfect rhyme.

I myself think the almighty on high,
Is watching us all with his all seeing eye.
And sooner than later, he will let us know,
Cause I can't see him happy, with the status quo.

4/12/11 Alton Texas

by Juan Olivarez

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