Better Person;

I’m facing myself through the past,
Looking back in the mirror I can see myself almost unclear,
Only this girl, unfortunately doesn’t know who she is,
Seeing her fake exterior not showing the inside,
The beauty hasn’t come out of her soul yet,
Now blinking, I see myself, the real me,
The person who I’ve become, all because of you.
I don’t look at us as a bad ending,
It might not be a fairy ending, everyone dreams of course…
But it’s still a god damn one, my friends.
I gave up a lot of things for you,
And although it didn’t work out love,
It made me into a much greater person,
Still kinks popping out and sparks flying,
But I’m in no need of a repair,
I can claim peace within myself,
I throw away the CD’s we laughed at how horrible they are,
I leave the parties that qualify as lame to us,
Flirtation became annoyance,
Romance became history,
Music became love,
And myself became someone better,
Someone who can finally move from all this history,
And although my heart is claimed,
My future remains untouched,
And that brightens my mood,
Just a tad love, just a tad…
I worry about you,
Falling deep into the worlds trap,
Hoping somehow you’ll manage through all of this,
Like we all do…
Cause only the toughest make it past the societies stare,
And it worries that were not there for each other no more,
I’m scared to think of the monster you could become,
I know there’s anger in your soul,
Hoping it won’t turn your being into a hatred fool for those who don’t see,
See what our eyes behold,
I’m hoping one day you will look in the mirror and still see the same person,
The person I fell in love with,
I’ll sing tonight, with a voice you wish you would have heard,
One I wish I would have shared,
I wish I wasn’t shut off from the world,
It bothers some that I’m still yours,
That I’m a fool,
But I’m just happy,
Cause my future doesn’t hold you,
It’s blank, it’s not clear,
In the mirror I don’t see you love,
Not next to me,
Cause I know you’ll never be there again.

by Alyssa Siebers

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