The Sting

It came looking for me
This wasp that stings into you when you're hardly watching
The stomach tumblinginjection that gets you ever smiling, and stung
Now this mighty me is disarmed by its weakening charms
My stoney heart like a bread soaked in waters
The waters that get me drowned in milk and honey
And leave me dreaming in the quiet pastures of pure rose and pleasant lily

Oh, you, I have come to know
Are a world so controversial yet so promising
I love love
This thing that can turn a demon to saint
And make the powers of money without value
But for what are of high values
And make you run the risk of trusting
Even criminals with more than a thousand count charges

Oh the sting of love
This reason life is still alive
Is what holds me with you

by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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