Thus I Start

Poem By Pumpkin Anu

Fly with me said the honey bee
Hour by hour set your heart free
Feel our love, trust our harmony,
The futures bright for you and me

Marry me said the honey bee
Live your life with me in mind
I'm not one who is unkind
Let our dreams be intertwined

Honey bee you've gone so cold?
Why don't you now, my petals hold
Hath a new flower for you unfold'
Why are my ears still untold?

Taken my loving oh so sweet
Made me feel my life's complete
Ducking out now? Ain't got that beat!
'Friends' just makes your conscience neat.

Busy honey bee your tail has caught
My tendered heart with pain I never thought
I could survive the surly sting of yours
And realise the insect is a whore

Jumping across from bloom to bloom
Promising all but spreading gloom,
Pleasure or pain you make them gasp
Now I will have the very last laugh,
I coming back as a wasp

Comments about Thus I Start

Nice twist, it made me chuckle aloud.
So bee-lievable, such a great read. Loved it lots. Well crafted. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Your poem is poignant and to the point. It is flavored with a sting of humor. Well done.

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