The Stone

Upon a journey long ago I came across a stone. So beautiful and smooth it was I decided to take it home. I opened up myself to it and hoped the stone would live. Instead of the life I hoped to give, I saw it drain from me. Now surely could not I but see the dangers that laid ahead?
Oh no not me with head so strong I'd find some comfort instead. So I stood back and slowly watched the stone began to crumble. But to my surprise instead I heard the earth it rumbled.
As if to say go away, leave before you stumble.
I could not move I waited yet but even eight more days, and still the earth gave out its sound be gone before you're found. How could I leave my precious stone that I came to know and love?
How could I leave and run away and still say that I care?
So there stood as centurian to pray and guard over my stone.
Waiting for some sign to know I finally found my home.
For scores and many decades it seemed I stood there waiting for love.
When finally out emerged yet a smaller stone this one formed a dove.
Within a few moments the dove turned and began to fly away.
I watched and hoped it to circle but my luck it continued to climb high.
I reached out and I cried and I pleaded for it to come down.
I screamed so loud but he did not hear he soared as he fell to the ground.
I fell apart in many pieces and saw the job I had to do.
To put myself back together and continued on alone.
Funny though none of my pieces would fit just right.
I had found a gaping hole in my chest and wondered what was lost.
So I began to search the ground again to see what was amiss.
I searched for what belonged to me but it was nowhere to be found.
I look again to the dove and saw it was eating of my flesh.
I cried be damned you fool you'll not hurt me anymore!
I cried and pounded on the earth to help forget the pain.
I learned to love from a stone I thought and now I'll learn to hate as well.
But I could not find myself to hate as much as I really tried.
So I left and on ahead I went but different from before.
The love I gave so easily was lost to be found no more.
For now the love had stole my heart and my head now rules the force.
Next when I should but come across another stone my lesson has been learned.
Look, examine, even play with a stone-but never take one home.

by Angel M. Castro

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