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The Stork And The Single Girl
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Stork And The Single Girl

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

A bird with feathers and long legs
is known to people as a stork.
The question whether storks lay eggs
was settled once, back in New York.

A lady had put sugar cubes
at home, out on the window sill
she was attractive, had great boobs,
but on some mornings did feel ill.

The cubes were to improve her chance
of getting lucky, have a kiddo.
Each morning she would quickly glance
out to the ledge. She was a widow.

She figured that she could succeed
without the services of males,
by giving the old stork a feed,
they say cubed sugar never fails.

Lo and behold, late Fall was mild,
all eaten were the sugar lumps.
The neighbours knew she was with child,
a girl gets pregnant if she humps.

Yet, they adored her, like a daughter,
her spouse had died the year before
from fluoridated drinking water.
They do not use it anymore.

A single girl without a man,
a bottleneck without a cork.
Yet it is obvious one can
become a mother through the stork.

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Oh yes we can! Loved this Herby. 9 from me. Grinning Tai