(20/04/1988 / Gloucester, Gloucestershire)

The Storm

The slow growling of the storm begins

Small rain drops fall from the sky

Below the unsuspecting people waiting

They know what is coming

A flash of light takes over the sky

Illuminating every crevice of the town

Every alley and window

The rain begins to fall, the storm has begun

Another sudden light disperses over the town

A couple of seconds later the harsh sound of the thunder

Heard by Animal and Person alike

People running to take cover, hiding from the downpour

Like ants fleeing a predator they run to hide for this downpour of water

People excitedly run to their windows to watch the show of lights and sounds

The wonder of the weather, the thrill of the light, the claps of the thunder

Those sat inside watch in a trance of interest

those in bed feel warm and out of harm's way

by Michael James Kennedy Findlay

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Comments (1)

nice, descriptive poem, but a little constructive criticism: If the people know the storm is coming than they are not unsuspecting. Other than that very good.