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The Storm

In the distance, I hear a rumbling
As the clouds begin tumbling
Foreboding of the darkening sky
A storm approaching, the reason why
As the animals disappear
Everything seems so queer
A deafening silence
Beginning of the violence
Rain starts to pound the ground
As I stand and look around
Trees begin to bend
Ripping of the wind
Lightening begins to streak
Havoc it will reek
A thundering boom
As I run into my room
Rain to ice
No umbrella will suffice
I watch it bounce around
As it hits the ground
A flash of white
As I recoil in fright
I see the tree hit
By the lightening split
In the yard, a stream
Is this all just a dream
Thundering begins to dull
Beginning of the end or just a lull
Rain begins to subside
I dare not go outside
I see a ray of light
Through the clouds so white
I think it's done
As I begin to see the sun
To the porch, I go
Duration, I don't know
I hear a bird sing
What message does it bring?
The end is officially hear
All clear, nothing to fear
As there I stand
There's peace throughout the land

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Straight from Disney's Bambi I hope his mother is still around ....... Mother! Well done!
Everything seems so queer A deafening silence...Very amazing and thought provoking poem shared really.10