RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Storm

It came upon us we could not see,
It's path of distruction invisable to all but thee.
It took one house, but left many untouched.
No rhyme or reason just The Storm we know that much.

Many died I must say, some were rescued.
But others it was just to late.
I ask myself, what can I do, is there a why to warn
others of the inpending doom.

A minute or two to get them safe,
So many lives can be saved.

They say on the news there's a CHANCE we might get one.
That doesn't help the one's who's CHANCE did come.

The Storm carries with it a powerful force,
No caring who's the target or it's main course.

You will know it when you see,
Because it makes its presents know quite destructively.

I pray for those who meet The Storm,
And hope they live to tell this tale once more.

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