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The Storm
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The Storm

Poem By Matthew Bresette

The Storm
A storm is gathering, the clouds are beginning to growl, flashes of light
are beginning to be seen
Everything goes quite, the storm is here
Rain starts to pound on rooftops
Thunder shakes glasses on tables
Lightning lights up darkened alleys
Clouds are crying, lightning is blinking, thunder is growling
Everything stops all of a sudden
Something is coming, something powerful
Silence is everywhere
Life has been waiting for this moment for all eternity
A horn begins to blow, one at first, and then others join in
Thousands are blowing
A lonely figure with his hands outstretched with his smile so lovely and
bright with his face radiating power above all things
Who could be this powerful figure with his arms outstretched with his
face radiating power be?
Jesus has come, like he said he would come, he made a promise to all of
us and he fulfilled his promise as we knew he would
Who is prepared to meet Him face to face?
Are you prepared to know his decision that will put you with Him or not?
Are you ready?
Do you wish Him to postpone his judgment a little while longer in order
for you to get yourself in order OR are you ready to meet Him right now
at this very moment?
Jesus is fading back in to the clouds with Him are several thousands of
people who were prepared to meet Him face to face
The clouds are crying once more, lightning is blinking once again, clouds
are growling once more
Silence is no more
Why are the clouds crying?
They are crying because they feel the people that were left behind. The
people who were not ready to meet Him face to face.
Why is the lightning blinking?
The lightning is blinking because with each blink the lighting blinks a
soul was taken into Heaven while another soul was left behind.
Why is the thunder growling?
The thunder is growling because they sense all the people that were not
able to leave with Jesus as with all the other thousands that went with
With every rain dropp that falls from the clouds and lands on this Earth a
soul was taken up into Heaven while another soul was left behind.
With every blink the lightning blinks a soul was left behind and a soul
was taken. With every growl the thunder growls a soul was taken while a
soul was left behind.
Who are the clouds?
The clouds are angels including the ones that were just taken into Heaven
including the ones that were already there.
All the rain drops that fell from the clouds came from the angels that
are the clouds.

With all the tears that are flowing down their cheeks, they are grieving
for all those lost souls still on Earth.
For all angels know that trials for every person on the world below them
will begin very soon.
Soon People will go against People. Neighbor against Neighbor. Family
against Family. Everybody against Everybody. The trials will start soon.
It is unavoidable.
Who is the lightning?
The lightning is all the people that are blinking their eyes down on
Earth so that their eyes will not water and that water roll down their
cheeks and fall on the ground below them.
Who is the thunder?
The thunder is all the people who are angry at Jesus for not taking them
as well.
Why are they angry?
It was they themselves who caused them to be left behind.
All those people who are shouting and yelling who are trying to get even
with Jesus for not choosing them to go up above with all the others
including their friends and their family members that were taken with all
the others.
They caused this terrible anguish themselves.
Not God, not Jesus, no one but themselves.
They are the only person that they can blame for their lack of
foolishness for not knowing where they were going after they passed away
or got taken.
They can blame themselves for that’s the only person that they can blame
for no one else caused them to fail.
They caused themselves to fail.
A pool of the angels tears have fallen into a puddle on the ground with
people surrounding it.
They all look into the puddle of tears and tears form on the edges of
their eyes and those tears on those eyes swell and roll down their cheeks
and those tears join into the angels tears that fell from up above.
What do those people see in the puddle of angel’s tears in front of them?
They see their lost loved ones all dressed in white with wings poking out
of their backs with faces of peace and joy in them.
The people are crying unashamed for at this moment it is okay to cry in
front of other people they wouldn’t usually cry in front of.
The people at the puddle are not crying tears of sadness but they are
tears of happiness.
There is no reason for them to be sad about because they see their lost
loved ones again and they will never see them again until they die.
Their tears will not stop for awhile until the puddle dries of the
angel’s tears.
Jesus sees the people at the puddle and he starts to weep unashamed and
all the angels weep also for they also see the people at the puddle.
Jesus starts to walk towards them and touches them ever so gently and
starts to pray.
All those people around the puddle of tears are filled with something
they haven’t felt for a very long time.
They have forgotten what it felt like and they find that they like the
feeling and want to keep it for as long as possible.
They are beginning to tire for it is late.
Jesus lets them sleep right next to Him. He will be there in the morning
and in the afternoon and forever more.
He will never leave them and never turn his back. He will always be
watching them.
Soon the angels will stop crying, the lighting stop blinking, and the
clouds will stop growling for they will equal the amount that went and
the ones that were left behind.

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