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The Storm...!

My tiny car
Is gliding on
The grey band
Dissapearing into
A white wall

Gelled water
Falling from the sky
Floating across
The windshield
Has transformed
The wiper blades
Into two giant icicles
Swooshing across the glass
Making creepy sounds

The whiteness
Has conceled
The world around
Making me a fish
Swimming in a
Bowl of milk

A fish swimming alone
In a giant bowl of curdling milk
Trying to reach to the glass wall
And press its eye on to the glass

To peek at the solitary face
Gazing at the glass bowl
With her chin resting on her hand

Waiting for me to
Emerge through the milky darkness
To show my face...!

[Ah... glass walls... cruel invisible separators...]

by Rowving Smith

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