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The Storm From Hell.
DC Derrick Clark (04-25-81 / tulare california)

The Storm From Hell.

The environment around here, seem eerie and coy.
Lurking at the park, on this mistic afternoon.
Things don't feel right, as I walk across a toy.
Where is the kids, wind blowing a crab apple balloon.

The tree's talking, warning me to leave soon!
Clouds racing, the sky has darken.
It must be a monsterous storm coming, as I breathe.
Im all by myself, as I kept walking.

Looking at electrify bolts, hitting the land.
Feeling big ice balls, hitting me, while I seek for shelter.
Stuff flying everywhere, as I look and stand.
It a demonic force coming, like Helter Skelter.

It seem like this storm is pure evil.
Envision all this destruction it making.
All of a sudden, I hear screaming people.
I wish, I can help them, as my start shaken.

I got to be brave, as I track down the sound.
Dodging flying object, the rain kept pouring down.
The noise got louder, I look, it was two people trap under a tree.
Summon up my inner power, to save these two life force.

I came up to the tree, using every bit of strenght I had.
As the tree, slowly began to rise up, as they crawl out.
I help them off the ground, and we ran for cover.
They thank me, with all their heart, for being a hero.

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