Love Beyond Horizon....

When I sit alone under the tree,
You gave a helping hand for free,
When I feel lonely with teary eyes,
You motivate me from the heart where love lies...

Seeing your face, my loneliness dies,
With the cheers and gay in my eyes,
When in lunch you waits for me,
Or just tease like a buzzing bee...

My heart breaks, when you cries,
That's the time, when sombre lies,
I always stands by your side,
So, on every step I can guide...

I always love your funny kicks,
Or my ice-creams which you licks,
You motivate me, when I am sick,
I am fan of your notorious wicks...

You are my honey, I am your hive,
You are the reason, the reason I am alive,
You are so cheerful, full of delight,
You are so hardworking, may you reach the height...

I love you DEAR, though we have a fight,
As you are my success, the brimming light,
For your sake, I don't matter even the bitter bite,
When I am wrong, you tell me right...

When I am so sad, you feel so bad,
When I am happy, you are full of glad,
I thank thee, for the lovely friend I have,
You may get success, as you are really brave...

I remember you each day and night,
When you are angry, you are somehow tight,
I have a lovely friend like you,
Who is always there, when I need you...

by Naila Rais

Comments (2)

Sweet calm after the storm! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A wonderful heartwarming poem, dear Haidee.............................