The Storms

First it was Charlie's turn to blow and pelt and make the oceans swell,
And then dear bitter Frances tore through our land,
Driving us farther to the Hadean Realm.
And my aunt and cousin who live in the house,
At 105 Frances Drive in Altamonte Springs,
Ironically I know not of.
Nor how they weathered these things.

And now Ivan the Terrible looms over the horizon,
Threatening our dear land and maybe the Floridians again.
As it has pummeled the islands of the Caribbean,
And now takes aim on that enigma isle of Cuba,
Where my bueno amiga, Gladys fled the storm of Fidel,
So many years ago,
And now maybe God shall allow satan to use this storm,
To bring down upon Fidel, the wrath of HELL.

Who knows where this Ivan may still plunder,
And destroy and lash and rent asunder?
Who in its path lies to be laid low?
And who will be swept out to sea by it's under toe?

Charlie, Frances and now Ivan near,
One of our famous Presidents said,
(To paraphrase a bit) All we have to fear is 'itself the fear, '
But those of you who have experienced the wrath of the previous storms,
Know that Ivan may shatter all norms.

So be wise and safe and flee if you can,
And if you must stay prepare the best you know how,
For I am afraid this storm will top the previous,
And even be quite a bit devious.

The End

by David S Harkins

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Nice one, David. I still remember 'hottest day of the year' and the Hendrix thing. Keep it up.