The Story Of A Sniper

Through the hedgerow I peer
As my quarry draws near.
The local commander, trying to motivate his troops,
Continues towards me, as I prepare to shoot.
Unknowing that he is about to die,
He turns to talk, and I let the bullet fly.
Down he falls, dead before he hits the ground.
I leave quickly, as his troops scatter around.

Away from the fight now,
And I can only wonder how
My first kill was a general! But I havn’t much time
To celebrate, a group of Germans are coming, neatly in lines.
This time no general is in sight,
So I find a Lieutenant, and end his life.
As a man dashes forward to remove the dead,
I aim my rifle and dropp him with a shot to the head.
Away I move, for I can stay here no more,
One more shot and they’ll find me for sure.

Fearing detection, I don’t dare to sleep at night.
I continue my work and place a man in my sights.
Before I can shoot, a gunfight begins.
I hurry my shot, and kill again.
One man down, now two, three, four lives I stifle.
I know now that I will help win the war through the sights of my rifle.

by Matthew Danley

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