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The Story Of Her End Part 1 (Redone)

to her it is just another night
just another sleepless night...another breakdown
she lays on her floor as she claws at the door
why can't she be free
free from this pain and pressure..the hidden monster within
she sobs and rolls on the floor, moving away from the door
she sees a bottle beside her closet door, she moves to it
holds it as if someone would actually care enough to pry it away
she twist off the lid, and takes a quick swig
mouth full after mouth full, she swallows
deeper into the pain filled hallow
at least its only the bottle tonight...and not the knife
the one hidden beneath the bed, at least no blood tears shall be shed
bottle after bottle, she tries to drink away the pain
she has done this before....
the feelings get worse, but then it turns numb
before she would stop after a drink or two
but not tonight, she wants to skip the fright
dive right into the darkness of the night
so there she sits, drink after drink
she swallows, but tonight the plan failed
it did not skip the fright...it doubled the fright
she fought with herself
just to try and make it into the night...find the darkness
the calm and empty darkness
she sat there and fought, the urge to reach for her friend the knife
no she struggled, wanting to reach the darkness...calm and empty darkness
picking up her notebook, she once again started to write
trying to release the fright, instead she wrote as if she would not last the night
drink after drink, the darkness should have came
why is it avoiding her
can't it come...just set her free...let her get some rest..
there she lays...bottle in hand...
notebook by her head...body looking like its already dead...
her lips cry out begging for the darkness
please...she cries...over and over

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