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The Story Of How The Macaw Became The Rainbow

Once apon a forgotten time
An impossible dream away from our world
Was a land where the stars were crystals and the clouds were pearls
Which when strung together held up the sky

Now, in this land where heaven never mourned
Lived three emperors, three paths, three destinies
Called the pterranadon, the dragon and the macaw
Who rejoiced in their kingdom of innocence and joy

But one day their clear sky was stained black
Degenerating, decaying, dying
Eaten away by corruption like a cancer ridden lung
The storm that ravaged their world had begun

The three rulers clung to rocks
For dear life
As the tornadoes called pain and despair
Sucked in all zeal, all dreams and all peace
From every corner of their souls

Smoke smothered every breath of beauty
The rain was flung down like daggers
Lashing, cutting, attacking them from all sides
The pterranadon sacrificed hope to the storm
He surrendered and flung himself into the tornado's wrath

In suicide he is trapped eternally
Frozen forever in life's darkest day
Never to see the crimson dawn
Break night's curse and set him free

The dragon flew around, around and around
In melodic madness
Destroying the world until he became the storm
Becoming what he lamented
Loathed, hated and despised
Transformed into the beast that destroyed him

Now the macaw fought on and on
Defeating sky demons one by one
Until the storm slowly bled sunlight
And blue washed the dirty darkness away

The deepest forests must come to an end
The deadliest storm faded away
The rainbow covers the world with illustrious beauty
And smothers the macaw like a medal of victory

Now that's how the macaw got the colours of dawn
Though she never exactly lived happily ever after
When other storms arrived
Her rainbow pierced the fog like a beacon of hope
To guide other travellers through the darkness
To safety by her side

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An outstanding piece, fantastic story.Your friend should be honored.