(04 October 1943 / Germany)


There is a spring
at burton baset.
By the edge
of the road.
The stone front
is badly defaced,
but if you
look inside
there is a stone block
which says
the year of are lord

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You like these long poems herbert, just as well your good at them and it had my favourite vegetable the cabbage a poem about germany after the war i enjoyed it it kept me there till the finish Warm regards allan
A tour de force! I added it to my favorites.
Bravo! This held me from start to finish and I have a genuine concentration problem, so please take that as a compliment. I read it earlier this morning and came back for a second helping. Thank you Chrissie
Who but you could compress a three-volume novel and several scientific text-books into a poetic saga, and then append a footnote which calls the whole into a suspicion of fantasy, ferment and imagination?
Addendum: The recipe for the Sauerkraut (there are 72 main recipes in circulation in the Fatherland) originates from the farm strand of the family, the von Muenchhausens. Baron von M. was an uncle in good standing. H