MS (The Twenty-Seventh of January / I was Born in Tuscon Then I moved to Phoenix)

The Story Of My Mask

By day I am undercover.
Nobody knows the real me.
My heart is in a tangle
Mixed between my life and him.
Some how they don't mix.
Is it because the real me has not shown itself?
The real me has hidden away behind the shadowy clouds.

By night the mask comes off.
The shadowy clouds disappear.
There are no mixed feelings.
My life combines with his.
Everybody knows the real me.
My heart is untangled.
It's straight and full of love.
My mask is lost.
The weather is sunshine all the time.
There are no clouds.
So the real me can't hide away.

By midnight the mask reappears on my face.
The sunlight disappears.
Again nobody knows the real me.
My heart is messuped up.
Again with the mixed feelings.
This is so confusing.
The real me is slipping away.
Slowly but surely is the old saying.

By day I am a different woman

By night I am me

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Comments (4)

am....well written little one.... i felt it was creative.....10s
Way cool, I feel the same way, hiding during the day only to become undone at nightfall.
the days and night you changed and adapt but all you have to do is be yourself
Don't let the comments do you..iip