The Story Of The Fire

I'm going to tell you something, you won't believe is true,
The story of the camp fire, will kinda baffle you.

While sitting by the fireside, all alone last night,
I seemed to hear a story, from the flames that danced so bright.

In the night time stillness, I thought that I could hear,
The campfire tell a story, it was really great to hear.

With a snap and crackle, the sizzle and the roar,
It seemed to tell me something, I never heard before.

It was strange and different, the voice from out the fire,
Just my imagination, as the flames leaped higher.

Maybe I was dreaming, but I could hear it say,
Please come a little closer, I'll make you feel so gay.

I'll charm you with my dancing, and warm your weary heart,
With heat from out my embers and ashes from my spark.

The fire said I'm hungry, I'd like a little wood,
I haven't had my supper, it would taste so good.

Then with wood I fed it, the fire danced 'round the place,
And in the flames I fancied, I saw a smiling face.

Then I heard it whisper, thanks a million man,
Much obliged I uttered, I'll help you if I can.

I guess that I was dreaming, or merely half awake,
But I heard the flames a-talking, it was really great.

Of those sounds from the flames, I know I'll never tire,
When I'm sitting there a-listening, to the Story of the Fire.

by Carroll R. Buffum Sr.

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