The Story Of 'Us'

We met at my house, on a special, sort of day.
I came in and saw you and it took my breath away.
We were forced into kissing.
I had NO idea what I had been missing.

So, I got your number and called you.
At the end of the phone conversation, I was your boo.
We rushed into things way too fast.
I just didn’t want to believe it, we had such a blast!

I told you how I felt about you as soon as I knew.
I had this big talk about how much I loved you.
You felt the same, just didn’t want to admit it.
You thought if you just shut it out, that the feelings would just quit.

You made up excuses to break up with me.
I believed every word you said and was too blind to see.
Every time we broke up, I got hurt more and more
You were everything I ever wanted and adored.

I wanted to make sure we would stick by each other.
So, I made a sacrifice that I knew you wanted one way or another.
You made up another excuse.
I did not want to put up with any more mental abuse.

We were done again and I cried and cried.
Everyone told me that all you lied.
People said that you were only making it look like I’m the blame.
When, really, you should be the one to feel the shame.

I knew that you were just too scared.
If only you would’ve opened up and feelings we could’ve shared.
Things would’ve gone better that way.
But, you knew that you could have me back any day.

So, the third time ended and that was the last string.
This time, it was time to finally end this thing.
This game you played with my heart.
It was so hard to get myself to part.

I really wished that I would just die.
Until I got with this other guy.
Things were going really well.
But, suddenly that relationship went to hell.

I had this feeling that felt so right.
It was the feeling of you; love at first sight.
So, I got right on the phone and called you.
To my surprise, you were happy to hear from me, too.

You finally let loose and told me how you truly felt.
And you had me again, you made my heart melt.
I now have this feeling that you’ve changed so much.
I just have back your love and your touch.

I think the time is right now.
To tell you that I’m ready to settle down.
I always have and I always will love you.
And now I know that you do, too.

I knew you were a miracle from day one.
I just love you a ton!
Forever and always, we will be.
Forever and always, you’ll have me.

by Shirley Standley

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