The Straight Jacket

Here I sit,
Where light hides,
In this jacket, a perfect fit,
My hands behind my back tied,

With a grin on my face,
My eyes irritated and red,
My hair's all over the place,
This room's so empty, not even a bed.

Sleep abandoned me,
I'm lost and torn,
White walls are all I see,
But from white darkness is born,

The hope that failed,
The love I lost,
My skins become so white and pale,
Was it worth the cost?

To a door sealed shut,
To emotions I can't explain,
To being locked up,
To this jacket I domain,

This hate in my veins,
This pain in my heart,
To those innocent minds I've slain,
I feel like I'm breaking apart,

Who know's who'll be next,
If I lose it again,
For the woman who knew me best,
I'm sorry I left you alone again,

I know you believed in me,
I know you cared,
These consequences I couldn't foresee,
I was just so scared,

This plead of insanity,
Will never fill,
The hole from your beauty,
Taken from me against my will.

by Jhanus Thanatos

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