D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Love Note 547

A very good afternoon my sweet love,
I have just returned from voting
which I rushed out and did
as soon as I arose.
I so pray that you understand
why I needed such a long rest,
and I thank for last night
with all the loving strength,
care, and peace that you sent.
I was able to just now
take care of the first part of that
very stressing problem
and have to wait two weeks
to totally get to the bottom
of the whole thing,
so I thank you again my sweet Angel dove
for all of your patience and endless care,
you truly are the greatest my Queen
and having your kind caring love
truly has made me the luckiest man.

So I hope you are having a
good day and good afternoon my sweet
beautiful Angel I love and adore.
Remember always that I am with you
no matter where no matter what
giving you all of my strength
love and warmth,
I am sending you sweet kisses galore
with huge hugs to fill you
with all of my endless, unconditional,
undying true love.
I love you so much my sweet one
and life without you truly is
so colorless, empty and dull.
You are my Queen and my everything
and I just want you to know
you are the greatest gift and blessing.
I feel so very lost without you
my beautiful Kira so wonderful
and so very good.

So have a good one sweet love
and as I now run down to Subway
for a sandwich I wish you were here
so I could get one for you to enjoy with me.
I will be thinking of you my sweet precious darling
and sending you millions upon millions
of the most loving smiles.
You are a diamond sweet lady
and crown jewel of my heart I so dearly cherish
so always remember babe that I love you
more than anything ever.
Feel my arms around you
and know that I am right there beside you
as I hold your hand to give you comfort
in endless pure love my hero and soul mate.

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Comments (2)

Daegal, I love this poem. It make me feel more confident and brave to do my work. Thank you very much.
Daegal, this is something that reminds me of the rhyming of Irish mothers. This is so beautiful and I am so pleased to have come across it. It is surely a skillfull write. The flow is so beautiful and has a simple melodic feel to it. This is a real gem. Sure, itwould be easy to say it lacks orinality or whatever, but that would be meaningless as it could not detract from the loveliness of the piece. It is going in my faves.