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The Strange Widow
( / Germany)

The Strange Widow

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

She was a strange little old widow
out on a lone Meadow
Running her old farmhouse
inhabited by cats and mouse
as bed and breakfast
She was a lone outcast
In a little town that grew up so fast

Gone were the days
When she was an active spokeswoman
Wearing her unusual fashioned glasses
And attacking the masses
With her lyrical words of wisdom

Airing out political views
To elongated queues
Eager to hear her speak
As her words were deemed to be so slick

'Smile for me, '
She would say
Sing like a bee
and be happy all day
Put away this poem
in your file
Now forget your sorrows
buried in your miserable sad pile
Just put on your smile
for me for this little while

She was a strange widow
People still came to her for advice
Not worried about bumping into mice
At her home she called a mansion
So she had to be greeted with full attention
While she paraded herself in the latest fashion
She charged every one a pound
and marvelled as the coins made a clunky sound
as they fell into her money jar

“Now when that jar fills, ”
She would say
“I will invest in a sports car
and drive to a sunny beach that’s very far
looking for young boys
who can play with me and my toys”
Rub my wringled back
With sun lotion until I give them the sack

There was a time
She used to pray
Almost everyday
That everything should be okay
now she accepted her faith
without any debate
Making the best of life
While trying to wait
For that fateful moment of eternity

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

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