The Stranger

From meadows to town
From shores to summit
Wherever I go, I can see you
With muted glance you trail beside
Not uttering a word you just stare
A cryptic stranger, a sweet friend
My inseparable twin, a protective guardian
I keep on pondering who you are?
Sometimes so near, sometimes so far
You laugh with me, you walk with me
Every time I turn I glimpse you
But when I am in total darkness
When I am in need of a beacon
I am unable to find even you
Do you disappear as well?
Or do you unite with me
To give me twofold potency
Yes, I can feel it
Dual power to keep on going
You are not only a cryptic friend, a sweet rival
My inseparable twin, a protective guardian
But you are my reflection

“The shadow”

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

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Shadow is the game we play. This existence itself is a shadow from the past. And we are nothing but shadows in this grand existence.I like this very much.