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The Stranger

I write it all down, what I’m thinking,
Of someone, I met quite by chance,
I couldn’t quite see the attraction,
But I knew it was there at first glance.

I’d fallen in love with a stranger,
A man who held me with his gaze,
Surrendered my heart in a moment,
To this man, who had seen better days.

He wasn’t the type I would go for,
Dishevelled and so wracked in pain,
But I knew without rhyme or reason,
That my soul mate had found me again.

The angels had brought us together,
To remind us of where we had been,
In a moment I knew what was missing,
But the future remained to be seen.

So I write it all down to remind me,
Of a love that’s beyond all compare,
And the man I once knew as a stranger,
Is the man who will always be there.

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