The Stranger

Poem By I M Swan

I fell asleep last night only to wake in a dream
All I could see was a hazy mist that rose from the ground
When I reached out to touch it, it wasn't as it would seem
And though I never felt frightened, my heart began to pound

The air was thick with the memories I thought were lost
I made my way through the mist and onto a path of confusion
How I wanted to go back to what I once had, no matter the cost
But I finally realized that I was in love with an illusion

As I walked further along, I came to a river of tears
And there I sat on it's banks made of blood red sand
Many had come here before me to wash away their fears
Then someone stood there before me and held out his hand

'Trust me' he said 'And I'll lead the way'
'Leave sadness here behind, for there's no future in sorrow'
'This wasteland of broken hearts belongs to yesterday'
'Your faith will make you strong enough to face tomorrow'

Who was this stranger, he did not give his name
But on his hands and feet, the scars I did see
And I know when I woke I would not be the same
For I'll never be alone with him walking next to me

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