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The Stream And Me
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The Stream And Me

Around me darkness falls
Slowly like a silent dream
Sitting on a stone I can hear
The whisper of the stream

Passing by the thick groove
At the edge of the land
Tarries a while to whisper a
Song like my true friend

I watch it going away from
Me to a destination unknown
Near me it sings with pride
Above its banks it has grown

In a trickle it starts its journey
Winning its way through plains
And valleys and rugged lands
Filling up furrows and drains

Alas! Its days are numbered
Too and it is drawn to its end
Now I am proud to be young
But I have to follow my friend

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Comments (5)

So beautiful and soothing to soul. Nature's beauty never fails to uplift our spirit and calm our agitations.
Beautiful both in the physical sense and the metaphorical sense- - - - - exceedingly well written! 19+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
whisper of a stream the darkness in a dream and the musings of a heart ends the journey of a cart.!
The stream of life, a great poem.
Like silent dream darkness falls but you wait for light. You have to follow your friend. Like birth death is truth. This poem is emotional poem. An amazing poem is excellently penned.10