Sweet Sleep For Which I Yearn

Nestled deep in moonlit hours,
I rest my head in my Ivory Towers,
Under thich covers I toss and turn,
Praying for the sweet sleep for which I yearn.

The sweet release I just can't catch,
The door to sweet dreams, I just can't unlatch.
No matter what I do I stay awake,
I can't catch a slumber for my lifes sake!

Oh, unfair sandman, have mercy on me...
I beg of you to set me free.
So I can float among sugary clouds,
Dive into the sea, sing to fishy crowds.

I must shake off these heavy chains,
Be free, for awhile, of cruel realities reigns.
Soon the day will overcome the night,
Shadows will give in to the suns light.

By then it will have been to late
To pass through unconsciousness' heavy gate.
At last my thoughts are consumed by mist,
My stubborn body no longer resists

And just as fair Dawn presents herself,
I begin laughing among fairies, myself an elf.

by Rosa White

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